New Home: Yokohama!

Yokohama, Japan is a wonderful place to live in located in Kanagawa Prefecture. As long as you know how to handle life in Japan, you will be able to enjoy living and journey in Japan. Yokohama is a good place to stay in just as there are so many people living in Tokyo. Yokohama is one of the most peaceful and wonderful city in Japan and for its abundance in food and land supply. Like Tokyo that is populated, Yokohama is also densely populated with so many skyscrapers in it.

However, there you will love seeing the night sky and all the surroundings that are so clear and bright.  In fact, the city is called city of of flowers since botanical gardens are preserved and people like to visit these gardens for it gives the feeling of a Japanese aroma since these gardens are from Japanese origin and style. Yokohama will really be a good place for business opportunities and home stays since it is very convenient and cheaper than Tokyo.

What is loved Yokohama is the street foods that are served and that there are so many things to buy at a cheaper price compared to other cities. You can see the trace of old Japanese country through their traditions and cuisine. Of course, the moment you make Yokohama as your home, there will be so many kinds of adjustment since there are so many things to make sure