Here are the most famous places in Yokohama that you can visit since there are so many things to explore in the said place. Yokohama is a home of flowers, amazing cuisine and parks.

The Hakkeijama Marine Park is the largest park in Tokyo with Marine creatures and shows. As the place is where people stream to in order to find fun, during summer, people could no longer help to stay in a crowd place like this.

The Yamashita Park is located in the center of the city and the name itself is very historical, which makes people wonder and wander while touring there.

Yokohama Botanical Garden is the most famous garden in Japan since there the botanical garden was preserved from long ages ago but is now disclosed to so many people and there are thousands of people visiting the place in a day.

The city of Yokohama is filled with amazing hotels are other huge restaurants  that fill the eyes. No matter what happens, you will surely walk around the city.

Within the city is the Cosmo World with a large amusement park for anybody. Children often go to this place with their parents and that they can make sure that they play.

Yokohama city is a beautiful city although there are no natural landscape in it, there are still many more amazing places to visit.